Quilters are the architects of our group. They take our humble squares and turn them into masterpieces. Each and every quilt is a unique and fully custom creation. While some of our quilts are done for premature infants, we also do larger, multi-paneled quilts using stitched squares on Aida or cotton. If you have never worked with Aida before, you may wish to try your hand with a preemie quilt first.

Working with Aida is really not that much different from working with other cotton fabrics. By the time you get the squares, they will have been machine washed at least once (or more). We do tell the stitchers to use 100% cotton or other evenweave fabrics when they stitch along with colourfast threads. That alone should tell you that these fabrics are durable. Some quilters use a fusible interfacing, others do not. It is completely up to you. Aida does get softer with washing but holds up beautifully and we certainly do not want a quilt that is too stiff. If you look at the picture below, you will see where the quilter even ran her quiltng close to the embroidery with absolutely no problem at all.


Generally, you will be making a quilt from a package of squares, usually 12 or 20, sent to you by the Project Coordinator. Quilt sizes will vary with most being from 55″ x 60″ minimum to 60″ x 70″ maximum. For the children, we often do twin bed size. (Premature infant quilts are from 24″ x 24″ to 35″ x 35″). Because these squares were made for the particular quilt recipient, we do ask that you use all of the squares you were sent even if they do look remarkably similar. Of course, there are exceptions, such as squares bleeding when you wash them, or a square is an exact duplicate.  The Project Coordinator will always include a note with how many squares are included and any special instructions. ***We ask you to remain in touch with your Project Coordinator and the group*** Please do not hesitate to post a message in the group or contact us if you have any questions at all. We do love seeing progress pictures, too!

Your Project Coordinator will also work with you on the additional materials you may need for the quilt such as backing, binding, and batting. These can be shipped to you along with the squares.