Premature Infant Quilts

Our premature infant quilts are designed to brighten up the isolettes of the infants in the neonatal units. Most of these are single panel hand cross stitch or machine embroidery, but these can also be fully pieced quilts.

  • Approximately 12″x12″ embroidered panels or several smaller ones
  • Any fabrics you choose (Aida, evenweave)
  • Feel free to use any child-friendly designs you wish
  • Please whipstitch or edgestitch your edges
  • Any colours except black
  • Please do not use any metallic threads or beads as these can scratch delicate skin
  • Expect your panels to be washed! This means using cotton Aida or evenweaves and colourfast threads.


Because each of these bright, cheery designs are usually for one quilt, there really is no size restriction like we have on the Special Request quilts. We do ask that you leave at least 2″ on all 4 sides of your stitching so that the quilter has enough to work with.


Once your panels are complete, you will send them on to the Project Coordinator. If you are in our Facebook Group, you will know exactly where to look for the mailing information. Otherwise, please message us on the Facebook Page or email us at for more information.

The Project Coordinator then takes the panels, washes them and trims them up. She sends them out to quilters to be made into the actual quilts.

  • Finished size 24″ x 24″ on up to 35″ x 35″
  • Please be sure all materials have been prewashed and are suitable to be near delicate skin
  • Please do not use metallic threads or any other scratchy materials
  • You may use any colors and prints you wish for your quilting except black.

These are donated directly to the hospitals and are not used for fundraisers. Quilters either can present them to their local NICUs or send them to our Preemie Quilt Coordinator for distribution in the greater Calgary Alberta area.