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PTSD and PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Injury) are very much in the news these days, but few really understand just how deadly they can be, much less how stressful they can be to deal with on a daily basis. With the holidays just around the corner and the days growing shorter, these are often the hardest times for anyone trying to cope.

Made of all pieced quilt blocks

Many First Responders and military personnel are put in situations where they lay their lives on the line to protect their communities and countries on a regular basis. That is understood, and it goes with the job. What isn’t spelled out fallout from the job – the mangled bodies, destroyed property, the ugliness of mankind. These are the visions that swim through the brain – waking and sleeping. Those horrific images can be triggered by a smell, a sound, or even a hint. Sometimes they fade away, but other times, they reach out and strangle. These haunting images destroy marriages, relationships with family, and even lives. It isn’t something that happens to the weak. Even the strongest, most courageous among us are vulnerable. The ones with compassion for their fellow man are often the ones to feel the hidden pain the most.

Of course, there are ways to help. There are medications and counseling available. But the most important part is recognizing PTSD and admitting it. Just think of it this way – someone needed help and made that call that brought skilled and experienced responders to their side. They didn’t hesitate for a moment – They answered that plea for help and made the caller’s need their top priority. They helped them get the care they needed (if at all possible) and made sure they were on their way to get it. So why does society look down on those First Responders who ask for help themselves when our modern society is what caused the situation in the first place? Why don’t they do more to help?

Quilt top ready for finishing and presentation to a First Responder

Canada Stitches recognizes just how much strength and courage it takes to reach out for help when you are the one that is supposed to be the helper. The first step is admitting it and then seeking help. Rather than shaming these incredibly brave people, we have chosen to wrap them in our love through our quilts. Our quilts help not only that First Responder but their families as well. We do welcome special requests for our stitched quilts, and we are also participating in making quilts for one of the treatment programs. We do have an urgent need for quilt blocks at this time. The designs are simple. We give you all the information you need to help us help these First Responders. You can view some of our work in our galleries, visit our Facebook page, or even better join us to help make these lives a bit brighter. If you wish to request a quilt, please visit our Requester Page for complete information and examples.