Spring is Coming!

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Heart Premature Infant Quilt from Gail

Though from the weather, you may not be too sure. Our stitchers and quilters have been so busy the last couple of months. We have finished our 2nd First Responder quilt and it is on its way to the recipient. We have finished 2 children’s quilts – Myelle and Brandon. We now have a third First Responder quilt in progress along with another child’s quilt.

One of our quilters had a great idea for Canada’s 150th Birthday. Why not try to make 150 premature infant quilts this year to distribute to the various NICUs around the

Premature infant quilt from Andrea

country. Gail has been such an enthusiastic member from the very beginning, and her energy is contagious! These are just a few of the lovely preemie quilts they have made already.

These tiny quilts can be made totally pieced, like Gail did above, or with a stitched centre panel like Andrea did in this example. Many quilters have never worked with the stiffer Aida fabrics before coming to our group. Some are downright scared of damaging the stitching. While there is always that remote possibility, it usually doesn’t happen. Instead, we end up with lovely mixtures of talents and techniques.

The quilters are free to make their own designs for these. Andrea picked a simple 9 block pattern for hers, and it is very effective yet classic.

Gail got her feet wet with Aida doing these and admitted she had fun with it. It wasn’t as difficult as she imagined. She took this panel that was so generously donated by Quilts for Older Children and Adults, and built it up with different bands of colours.

It hasn’t all just been preemie quilts and request quilts. Early one, we learned that we do not always have the luxury of time with some of our recipients. Some need to have that comfort NOW. We started our quilter’s Block Party to gather pieced blocks to make these.

Gail got these lovely Starflower blocks and turned it into a beautiful quilt. She then took it over to her friend Tammy to have the longarm quilting done. Many of us think these quilts are just two pieces of fabric with a layer of batting in between. This is far from the case. If you left your quilt that way, the batting would shift around and end up all at one end or the other, or it might tear. So, the old time quilters did it by hand or tied knots at ntervals. The modern quilter has these wonderful machines at their disposal that let them do all kinds of fancy things.

Gail took her emergency quilt to Tammy of theĀ Galloping Turtle Quiltworks for its quilting. Look at the incredible detail Tammy added to each block and area of this quilt. She is a true artist, and we will have another post showcasing her work as soon as the quilt is presented.

Eryn also made an emergency quilt from the Maple Leaf blocks. This one still needs quilting and binding, but the top is complete. Another stunning quilt!

We always have heartwarming projects going. If you would like to be part of a team effort like this, consider joining us! For stitchers, you can live anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that you love Canadians and want to help them. Because of the high cost of shipping back and forth, it is easier to have our quilters living in Canada. Joining us is simple – just follow the Facebook Group link on the right column and request to join.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!