Welcome to Canada Stitches

First Responder Quilt

First Responder Quilt

Welcome to our shiny home on the web. We are a small volunteer group trying to make a difference in the lives of Canadians through our love of needlework and quilting. We work with everything from single panel quilts for premature infants to multi-square custom designs for those with unique needs – children facing life-long challenges, First Responders who have been injured or become disabled in line of duty and those battling PTSD/PTSI.

A Basket of Handmade Christmas Ornaments

A basket of handmade Christmas Ornaments ready for delivery

Over the last few years, we have been making quilts and Christmas ornaments for the Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer, Alberta. The quilts are available to those who use the house and need a warm hug. Christmas ornaments are tucked into the welcome baskets each family receives as part of their stay. We try to help with any area we can such as knit slippers and knit caps for infants.

Can Praxis Quilt

Can Praxis Quilt

We also work with CanPraxis, an outstanding organization that works with the First Responders and veterans who are dealing with PTSD through horse therapy. Each participant receives a beautiful quilt made of blocks from our talented quilters. Quilts of Valour provides quilts for the veterans, we make up to 6 full size quilts every other month for the non-veteran First Responders.

We are always looking for new faces to join our merry band. We are volunteer, which means you supply your own materials. We do try to help as we can, but the stress in our group is on volunteer. Nobody is paid any money – just in love.

RMH Quilt

RMH quilt

We also try to keep the dreaded and strict requirements to a minimum. For the Ronald McDonald House quilts, just about any size or theme goes, as long as it is family friendy. Some quilters use just one square on a smaller lap/child size quilt while others may use several smaller squares. Of course, if we are doing a special request quilt, we do have to follow some guidelines and deal with a schedule.

Our group is most active on Facebook, and the links to our page and workgroup are listed on the right. Though you do not need to join us there, we do suggest it as a way to share in the process of these quilts. Besides, we think we have one of the nicest groups of compassionate people around!

Come And Join Us!!